Resource Reference List

Early Childhood

Early Childhood Behaviour

Early Childhood Social Interaction

Early Childhood Sensory Concerns

Early Childhood School Options

Early Childhood Obsessions and Inflexibility

Early Childhood Cognitive Skills

Primary Years


Being Angry Social Story

Brushing Teeth Social Story

Blood Test Picture Story

Calm Down Social Story

Good Manners Social Story

In The Bathroom Social Story

Going To The Doctor Social Story

Primary Years Obsession and Inflexibility

Primary Years School Options

Primary Years Sensory Issues

Primary Years Social Skills

Primary Years Communication

Primary Years Cognitive Skills

Primary Years Behaviour

Social Stories

Teen Years

Behavioural Checklist

Sexuality Health and Hygiene

Teen Years Social Skills

Teen Years Sensory Issues

Teen Years School and Post School Options

Teen Years Obsessions and Inflexibility

Teen Years Increasing Independence

Teen Years Communication

Teen Years Cognitive Skills

Teen Years Behaviour

Tips for teaching Teens with ASD

Adult Age

Adult Age Information

ASD for Employers

Characteristics of employees with ASD

Tertiary Education Tips for Teachers


My Family – Financial Assistance

My Family – Survivial Tips

My Family – Siblings

My Family – Respite and Recreation

My Family – Hygiene Tips

Stress Tip Sheet


Austism Specific Health Issues